Friday, March 14, 2014

Lesson 291: Frozen

It's time for your weekend report of happenings from the Lamp Post.

Honestly, I am surprised that I am around to write this weekend.  
I was anticipating a contact from flight investigators.
Any good LOST fan know that Eloise Hawking 
is the only one who can locate that Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

She found Oceanic Flight 815, of course.
Those seeking the way to the Island found Eloise in a church in Los Angeles.

The LOST Lamp Post was in the basement of that church
and had this wicked, cool pendulum to locate the Island.

I've been wanting to put one in our basement but Louie says no.
Party pooper.

If someone comes a-knocking for my assistance, no worries.
I'll put my Lamp Post on a timer switch
and write upon my return.  

But for now, more news from the week.

Fun surprises continued to roll in during my birthday month.

The Key has a wide readership!  
Thanks for reading my B-Quality children's novel.

I got some good numbers in my fortune cookie tonight.

If I interpret the fortune to imply my moment to moment memory,
I will one day rule the world.

Aside from missing airplanes and birthday presents,
the real talk of the town in Erie is the weather.

On Monday and Tuesday we had a nice break,
a hot 43 degrees.

The kids got outside to shoot hoops and play catch, 
and get some sun on their winter white faces.

Hubby broke out his favorite toy.

Eloise and Josie headed to the park for a nice walk.

I decided it was time to remove the hearts from my Love Tree.

I didn't have the heart to strip her naked though.
I left one heart for you to spy when you walk by.

This is where the hearts will be hanging until next time.

They will be right underneath the branch I hauled for seven miles on Six Pack Run #3.
(I told you it was perfect and worth the carry!)

I sprayed the branch sparkly silver and perched these feathery white birds onto it.

I like birds a lot.

Birds are a big part of my favorite new book, S. by JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst.
It's a slow read.  This is how far I've progressed since December 26th.

The frozen landscape gives me some extra time to read in the evening.
For that I am thankful.

As much as I long for some fresh air and sunshine,
I know that soon, my butt will be plunked on these,

watching base hits, pop flies, and epic slides to home.
With two in little league, that means a game or practice every night of the week!

I spied these two birds atop a tall tree while at a Team Adrenaline workout.
The looked like they were looking for spring, too.

We all were on Tuesday evening.
This is my colorful team.

We heard a storm was headed our way, so we stormed the bleachers.
24 in attendance made 48 pounding feet to scare the snow away.

But no such luck.
By Wednesday morning, another winter blast was on the way.

This was my deck as I left for work.

Here it is again at lunch time.

As dinner was served, we had half a foot.

And by bedtime the Lamp Post had 8 inches.

You can't change the weather, but you can change your attitude.
I decided to shoot some sunshine back at the storm 
and take advantage of some good photo opportunities in the frozen landscape.

With a better attitude, I drug my butt out for what I hoped to be my last snow workout.
Here are the same bleachers from two days before.

And here are the same crazy people out there once again.

I'm tired of feeling frozen, yet I have no idea how much longer this will last.
Instead of focusing on the weather man, Eloise decided it's time for a new project.

I need a couple of new blankets, so I will be starting a couple of t-shirt quilts. 
I'd like them to be finished by summer.  

This is the one Ellen made years ago. It is the softest blanket in the Lamp Post.

Unfortunately, it is the cause for lots of fist fights during this long, cold winter.
I need to make a few more.

If you are interested in learning how to make one, come watch me work.  I invite you to come to my basement (for now, minus the pendulum) for a t-shirt quilt party.  I'll be working on mine, and you are welcome to keep me company.  You can also bring your own materials and work along beside me.  More details will follow in a few weeks.  For now: 
  • go purchase yourself a new pair of extra sharp scissors and don't let your kids cut construction paper with them.  Hide them so they are just for you.  
  • Collect up at least 30 t-shirts
  • Get that set of Sharpie markers you've been wanting to buy
  • And get a quilting square like this one

Contact Eloise if you are interested.  If I don't respond, assume that I am leading rescuers to Flight 370.

.....or maybe I've frozen solid.  

Enjoy the pictures set to a song from Disney's newest movie.  Click on the video to see what I've chosen from Frozen.

Enjoy your weekend.

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