Friday, December 12, 2014

Lesson 335: A Little Heaven Everywhere

It's another Friday night, Readers,
which means it is time for another lesson.

Upon review of my Blogger stats, many of you are night owls and watch for my post late night.  
According to Elise Wiesel, that is a good thing.

The majority of my followers  though, are Saturday-Morning-Cup-of-Coffee Readers.  
No matter the time of day, 
I'm glad you stepped into the light of the Lamp Post for a few minutes of reprieve, 
especially in December.  
It's a busy month!

Weekends in December are filled with fun.
Eloise starts out this weekend with a charity run.
My running group has vowed to have one every year.

Chapter Two of our Christmas Story will be the chronicles of my friends and I,
 running through Erie donning Dr. Seuss garb.
This year we are going to donate money collected in lieu of race fees 
for Safe Net,
a shelter for women and children in need.

Yes, Dr. Seuss,
Christmas, perhaps,
is a little bit more.

Doing something you love, while doing some good at the same time,
is a little piece of heaven right here on Earth.

I think I found heaven's passageway the other evening.
Follow the golden glow down Firman Road.
The sky was spectacular.

Eloise nearly got real glimpse of the pearly gates,
because while I was taking this photo....

this was headed at me in the other direction.

As I stood there and clicked I thought of how cool it would be
 to get a live action shot of me getting buried by the snow plow.  
However, Eloise's good sense came into play,
and I took a step back though in a split second decision to save myself,
but sacrifice a great photo.

I found another piece of heaven I can access right from my own living room.

It's a little escape I discovered called Trivia Crack!
The Ap is free.

As a teacher, encouraged to know a little about everything,
I find myself filled with useless trivial knowledge.
Although now, maybe my knowledge isn't so useless,

I can whoop all of their butts!

Questions are generated from a variety of categories.

Science is not Eloise's strong suit,
but I got this one correct.
Do you know the answer?

I'm enjoying playing everyone, 
but my fiercest competitor is :

Grandma is going to be tough to beat.
But when I do, it will be a slice of heaven I won't mind having a bite of.

It is heavenly that my kids' choppers have 
16 years strong.
Santa, Cupid, the Leprechaun, the Easter Bunny, Fallen Soldiers,
Ghosts of the Firman Farm, and the Thanksgiving Turkey--
all bring them toothbrushes and mouth freshening equipment each holiday.
Put a little effort into making mouth cleaning fun,
and you can avoid the dentists drill.

Another glimpse of heaven on earth is when your offspring do
something nice on their own, unprompted.

Sam had a tough time with the NCAA Bowl Selection.
The top four teams were chosen by a selection committee.
This year there will be playoff for the National Championship.

Sam felt bad for TCU, who was sitting in fourth and didn't get picked.

So, Sam took it upon himself to make posters for all of the teams who didn't make the top four.

He didn't want them to feel bad,

or get down in the dumps.

My rough and tumble boy,

has a big, soft heart.

The Soft Heart of the Week Award goes to Clicky--
he's my photographer friend Matt Kleck.

Matt surprised me by showing up in the audience for Natalie's
Miss Shining Star Pageant,
a beauty pageant for girls with special needs.

He gave me these photos,

and took a whole lot more.

If your daughter was in the pageant and you want a link to where to order a special print,
contact Eloise and I will point you in the right direction.
Capturing a great photo of a child with autism is a rarity,
but a piece of heaven I want to preserve for posterity.
Moms of Pretty Special Daughters, I hope you do the same.

Genuine smiles come so naturally while doing the things you enjoy most.
For Ellen, she glows when she dances.

Keri's Dance Studio, put on a Christmas dinner show this year.
It really got everyone in the holiday spirit.

Surprises sure do get Eloise in the holiday spirit!
Look what I found on my doorstep this week.
Thank you, Angie From Philly Currently in Switzerland!
Your thoughtfulness was appreciated.

Eloise channels her heaven best out in nature.
I love the park that borders the Lamp Post,
and I traipse through it often.

As a treat to my running friends, and any Harborcreek Community Park user,
my elf and I decorated a tree for you.

Get out and enjoy what winter has to offer,
and take a sweet treat as you pass by.

This pooch was the first to take advantage of the offer.

One thing I have found myself missing--
my 58 Day Challenge plates.

I counted out---

worth of meals.

Right now I have a Lego Advent calendar and gingerbread house sitting it the place of my stack,
and my table looks more like a toy store than a place to eat food.

For Christmas, I'd like another plate collection.
I'd like one of YOUR plates.

I have an idea for my New Year's Resolution,
and I'd love one of your extra dinner plates to be part of it.

If you would like to participate in my experiment ,
send an extra dinner plate to
Eloise Hawking 
5768 Firman Road
Erie, PA  16510

Eloise is known to be clumsy, 
so I cannot guarantee the return of your plate.

I'll accept anything from fine china to Chinette.

If you want to make it extra special, 
write me a message on the bottom of the plate.

Lend me your plates!

Enjoy the pieces of heaven you make for yourselves this weekend, Readers.  This week's photo story is set to a great new song daughter Ellen brought to my attention--Heaven Everywhere by Francesca Battistelli.  It is my newest favorite.  Have a listen!


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