Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lesson 339: Take One for the Team

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Eloise is here to take one for the team---
well lots of them, actually.

Take pictures, that is.

I have a whole bunch of shots from the past calendar year,
and I wanted to share the highlights with you,
my teammates from:

Team Adrenaline

58 Day Challenge

Doc's Detox

Challenge Erie

Krauza's Krazies

and the runners from Will Run For...
who will run for just about anything,
from wine
to beer
to coffee
to pancakes
to ice cream
and for charity.

Before the sand runs out on 2014

I need to first extend a big THANK YOU to Team Krauza,
Dr. Krauza and his wife Stephanie,

for allowing my lens into your Wellness world.

Who would have thought a camera at a workout could be so much fun?

Enter the Selfie Stick in 2015---
we can experience wellness from a whole new angle.
I am looking forward to the infinite possibilities.

for making your Wellness movement so much fun.

A clear mission,
splashed with a little creativity,
makes for one heck of a good time getting healthy.

Together, let's start a Revolution!

Come to the Hanging Tree and get rid of what limits you.

Lay to rest:

I can't,
I won't,
It's too hard,
It's too early,
It's too cold out,
It's raining,
I'm too old,
I'm too fat,
I'm too busy,
I have a bum knee.

Gather up, Teammates,

and let's revolutionize our thinking on health and wellness.

Enjoy the highlights from the year.  There are two songs worth.
Join the movement in 2015.
The alarm just rang.
It's time to get healthy.


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