Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lesson 338: Jolly Good

Happy Last Weekend of the Year, Readers.
Eloise is here to remind you to:

'Tis the season, you know.

'Tis the Season to be Jolly! (printable)

The key to a happy holiday
is to make some jolly good fun.

We've had a jolly good time here at the Lamp Post this Christmas.

Big foot slippers can jostle a laugh loose.

So can the roaming gnome.

This little fella found his way onto my deck.

Grandma later discovered Gnomey was a peeping Tom.

The roaming gnome told Grandma that he heard Kenyan was putting on a Christmas Eve spread,
so she brought him up there.
Maybe Gnomey would find a new homey in Kenyan's garden...

or not.
She never claimed to be much of a gardener.

Watch for the roaming gnome. 
 Maybe he will show up on YOUR doorstep next.

Auntie Kenyan and Uncle Genius 
thought this would be a jolly good gift for their nephew.

Until I sent him out to roam the streets of her neighborhood with it, 
that is.

Matching pj's are a must.

Pigskin footballs and throwback helmets make for jolly good fun, too.

The regifted Pez dispenser set
(for the 8th straight year)

and a Christmas Day pillow fight,
make for some jolly good memories.

Burning off those holiday calories can be 
jolly good fun when you find a candy cane along your running route.

Selfie Sticks are a jolly good time.

Viewing the world from a new angle is always a good thing.

Waffle irons shaped like Minnie Mouse make a jolly good breakfast.

Erie had a jolly green Christmas this year.

How better to ring it in than with an ice cold, jolly GREEN Coca Cola!

I'm not sure how life extending drinking this product will be
with its pure cane sugar and stevia,

but the cans, caps, and bottles will look GREAT on my Coke Collector's shelf in the Lamp Post!

This is a short post tonight for two reasons:
#1--The Lamp Post Year In Review will be published this Wednesday.
A bonus read for you this week!
#2--I have to continue on with this great new book that I got for Christmas 
(and so did Uncle Genius).
I'm racing Uncle Genius to the finish and I must win.

It's time for my bedtime story,
albeit a bit creepy and TRUE.
Erieites, don't miss this one by Jeff Pinski.
It's a page turner, especially if you lived in Erie in 1983.

Look for the Lamp Post light to be turned on again on New Year's Eve
for the Year in Review Bonus Blog Post.

Thanks for the perfect song for the video this week, Lady Antebellum.
The video appears at the bottom of this blog post.
The photos from Christmas are set to their version of Holly Jolly Christmas.


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