Friday, November 6, 2015

Lesson 386: Type A or Type B?

It's a November night, Readers!
Time to turn on your reading light 
and settle in at the Lamp Post.

Fall surrounds us in all her glory.

The last leaves clinging tight to branches.

The last apples hanging atop trees.

Flowers gone to seed becoming even more beautiful with age.

The fall harvest, plentiful and grand.

Autumn smiles.

The grape leaves have yellowed,

and the vines are almost all harvested.

While taking the snapshot of the empty bins,
I spied something out in the lake.
This was how far away I was.

The SS Eloise was afloat!
I'm glad I didn't miss it.

Thank you Canon SX50!

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Digital Camera

Here is the link to my exact camera,
as I've had many inquires lately.

It's down to $265!

Look what it can do:
Here is Winston, a willow tree I named in my parents' yard.

Here is the beehive at the top!

I found this guy on the way to work one morning.

Glad I had that zoom.
He didn't look like he wanted to be bothered.

Where of the Week:

I worked out at the Lake Erie Speedway on Halloween morning!

 We ran all the bleachers--
all 1,477 steps of them,

 most of us in costume.

We also got to race the track

on foot!

What of the Week:

The self-professed Dog Person
took in two abandoned kittens.
Currently they are still hiding out in Grandpa's barn.

Cat Person--Dog Person?
Right Brained--Left Brained?

Humans are on a continual quest to analyze and categorize themselves.

Eloise took a Personality Assessment that was circulating facebook this week.
Perhaps you caught it, too.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.19.33 PM

The test was very clever.
You viewed ten photos and chose a word to describe the photo.
From your choices,
it was determined if you were a Type A Personality
or a Type B Personality.

See the link below to take the test for yourself.

Predictably, I was a Type B personality.
No surprises there if you took Psychology 101.

What interested me the most were the comments I received
on facebook and personally at work the next day.
I noticed that most husbands and wives were opposites,
as were many siblings or best friends.

After you take the test and see your results,
you can find out more information on your personality type.

Type A's:
Add CHECK PERSONALITY PROFILE to the TO DO list tattooed to you arm
and click the link below.

This is what every Type A individual wants you to know about their personality:

Type B's---
Hey! Type B's!
Pay attention!
You have a job do to!
Click the link below!

type b

Whoops of the Week:
Type A's--skip this part---you'll hate me forever:

My new credit card arrived in the mail on November first as it always does.
To illustrate to my Type A hubby that I can stay on top of things,
I immediately called to activate the card
(motivated mostly by Christmas shopping season)
and gave my children a lesson on financial safety.

Mother Eloise demonstrated how to cut up expired credit cards
rather than just tossing them in the trash.
Sam was all in!
He even divided the pieces between two garbage bags
so not thief could ever piece together my old card.

Four days later, as I went to pay for gasoline
did I realize I cut up my DEBIT card instead.

Wow of the Week:

Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton's performance at the CMA Awards 
on Wednesday night.

I don't care what personality type you are, you'll love the following performances!

Justin and Chris Drink You Away CLICK HERE

Justin and Chris Tennessee Whiskey CLICK HERE

Do not miss next week's post.
I'm creating a Personality Assessment for my Readers.
Stay tuned,
and while you are doing so,
Smile Pretty!



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