Friday, April 8, 2016

Lesson 412: 101.6

Nope.  Blog title is not a radio station.  It's my fever.

Felt great ALL DAY.
4:00--Geez I'm cold.
4:10--I just got tired--I have to sit down.
4:15--Teeth start chattering
4:20--101.6 fever.

I suppose the flippant response to the comment:  "Hey, Mother Eloise.  You never got sick after we all did!"

Mother Eloise:  "Germs don't stick to steel, baby."

12 hours later....

Tune in tomorrow for an American Idol recap and my Cinderellen and her new role.  She's trading the big dress for a wand.

See you tomorrow, Readers.  Time for some rest.


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