Friday, April 1, 2016

Lesson 411: Two Truths and a Lie

We turned the calendar page to April this morning,
and that's no foolin'!

Yes, it's Friday night
April Fool's Day.

April Fool's Day .:

I suppose my Readers are ready for tricks this evening,
so the great trickster is setting aside her fake parking tickets
and false Grand Opening advertisements 
for the Kohl's that's coming to Harborcreek.

I just replaced the can of air freshener in the office bathroom with an air horn. And now we wait...:

Instead of tricks,
I'm giving you a test.
How well do you know Eloise?
If you've been reading all of these years,
you must be pretty confident that you can pick out a lie from the truth.

Accept the challenge a little later in this blog post.

If you are a regular Saturday Pajama and Cup of Coffee Reader,
please know that today, April 2nd, is World Autism Awareness Day!
Autism has now become corporate,
and the Light it Up Blue movement
backed by NBC and GE
asks us to wear blue on April 2nd--

so do that for me,
and Natalie,
and Erik,
and Brett,
and Jordan,
and Ryan,
and the millions of other children world wide.

I will give my 2016 Current State of Autism Report
at the end of the month
after all the news reports
and statistics roll in,
and give my summaries then.

It's no foolin' that Sam celebrated his 9th birthday on Easter Sunday!

It was a beautiful weekend spent with friends and family.

Now, onto the fun stuff.
Can you pass this Eloise-designed,
April Fool's Day Test?

It is an Eloise Version of the workplace icebreaker,
Two Truths and a Lie.

Directions:  Pluck out the lie hidden among truths.

1.  Eloise is Employed at:
  • Harbor Creek School District
  • Barber National Institute
  • Bantam Books
2.  Mrs. Eloise, Quest Teacher, is collecting toilet paper and paper towel tubes for the following reason:
  • We are making art.
  • We are making a pipeline.
  • We are making an art project to enter into the Guiness Book of World records.
3.  Eloise spends her precious few free moments:
  • reading books
  • welding
  • working on homework for graduate classes
4.  The number of hits on Blogger that the Lamp Post has seen:
  • 100,000
  • 200,000
  • 199,033
5.  The secret ingredient to any cheesy potato casserole recipe:
  • cheddar cheese soup
  • ground unicorn horn
  • sharp cheddar cheese
6.  Team Adrenaline Workouts are:
  • Eloise's favorite type of outdoor exercise
  • Free for three weeks in April
  • Designed for only elite athletes
7.  The Photo Editing  Eloise uses for her photos (when she has time):
  • PicMonkey
  • PhotoShop
  • Nothing
8.  Eloise is ____ old:
  • 16,100 days 
  • 44 years, 30 days
  • 533 months
9.  Eloise weighs:
  • What kind of dope are you smoking?  Like I'd put that info on the inter net....
10.  Eloise is attempting to incorporate more of this drink into her weekends for health benefits:

  • red wine
  • Rolling Rock
  • water

#1- Employment Truths:  


#1 Lie:  I write for fun, not for employment.

#2--Toilet Paper Tube Truths:  art and pipeline


#2--Lie--I've tried (and failed) to win this contest before.  My students and I entered the largest ball of Plarn (plastic yarn made from grocery bags).  We got to the Level 2 consideration and our idea was sent from New York to London, but we lost to Madrid, Spain.  Apparently they made a similar project and their Plarn Ball was 11 feet in diameter!  Ours was only 2 feet.  Damn, Spaniards!

#3--Free Moment Truths-- Reading and Graduate Classes

Ok--so that's not my ring and a man's hand....but I am taking graduate classes year round until June of 2017.  I'm busy and don't have as much time for creatively staged photos.

#3 Lie--Welding...for the time being
My Daddy was a welder and I have all the equipment and someone to teach me how.  This is my first project planned for Summer 2016.

a use for rusty nails..add it to the welding projects:

#4 Truths:  100,000 and 199, 033.  I'm currently at the stats below.  After this weekend Lessons From the Lamp Post will have 200,000 views.

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

#5--Truths:  Cheddar cheese soup and SHARP cheddar cheese.  According to my sister, the mild cheddar I use makes an Easter potato casserole recipe bland.

#5 Lie--I use ground unicorn horn for the green bean casserole.

#6 Truth:
My favorite exercise AND FREE for three weeks in April!

Info on Free Team Adrenaline workouts (Heather Cass blog) CLICK HERE

#6 Lie--for ALL fitness levels.  Everyone is welcome.  It's not for the elites (or else I would not be there!).

#7 Photo Editing Truth:  Nothing or if I have time.

Link to Free Photo Editing CLICK HERE

#7--Lie--Photo Shop
Would love to learn it someday, but way too technical for Eloise at this stage of my life.

#8 --Eloise's Age Truth:
If you googled it like all good 2016 "researchers" do-- you would have found the first two to be correct.

#8 Lie:  533 months is a nice looking number, but a bit off the mark.

#9 --Yeah, right.  And no guessing.  The Teacher has given everyone a free point.  #9 does not matter.

#10 Drink Truths:
Red wine--Heck, I live across the street from a winery!

Water--it's good for you!
21 Pinnable Quotes That'll Motivate and Encourage You:

#10 Lie--cutting down to just one beer a week.  My poor 16,100 day old body just can't handle those carbs anymore.  Red wine has fewer carbs so I'm trying to add in a glass of 6 Mile Cellars red wine on the weekends.

Enjoy some Easter photos and my favorite shots of Sam through the years.  Happy birthday, Beautiful One.  The song is by Christian artist Jeremy Camp.  It is written about Jesus, but I thought it was fitting for an Easter, 9th birthday.

Enjoy your weekend, Beautiful Ones.
And that's the Truth, no lie.


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