Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lesson 413: A Cinderella Story

Good weekend to you, Readers.
It's 9:00 on Sunday night and
Cindereloise is headed to the ball.

I have exactly three hours to make good on my promise
of a weekend blog post before all hell breaks loose.
At the stroke of midnight,

my carriage will turn back into a Mom Van and
this gown I'm wearing will return to polar fleece PJ's
(we need them around here).

Cindereloise almost missed the ball this weekend.
I got sick!

It wasn't all that horrible.
It hit on the weekend,
and I much prefer an illness then, than during the work week.
I got to catch up on TV in between my 16 hours worth of naps.

One of my favorite shows ended on Thursday.
I watched the American Idol finale back a few times.

Trent Harmon was crowned the winner.
My early pick of Mackenzie Bourg finished fourth.

I loved the finale show.
Reviews have been mixed.
I read a couple of snobby articles on-line,
one in the New York Times and
another in Time Magazine,
that touted the show as cheesy.

In return, 
Pretentious Writers,
I will tout you boring and stuffy.
Would it kill you to be entertained for an hour or two a week?

There were great performances from all of our 
Idol favorites.

Carrie Underwood performed twice.
When you mention American Idol,
she is usually the first person to come to mind.

I love Carrie in a different way than I love the other traditional record label stars.
I feel like in some way we watched her grow up
and experience her own Cinderella story.

There is even a book in the Clark School library on Carrie!

She's a sweetheart that appeals to everyone.

Simon Cowell's prediction way back at the end of Season 4 was spot on.

She impressed me because after her win,
she returned to college to finish her degree--

Not all people recognize goodness when they see it.
Some people are catty--

I'll miss the show that brought my family together for 15 years--
my parents,
my Prince Charming and I,
my children,
and my students.

Maybe the run isn't over forever.
I think the show will evolve into something different,
adapting to the changing needs and wants of America.
That's what good things do--
recognize when the run is over,
and bring the best pieces of that work with along with them
 to build something new.

Read about Ryan Seacrest's Good night....for now, below.

Good night....for now, read about it CLICK HERE

To hear it for yourselves--CLICK HERE

Mrs. Eloise plays teacher five days a week.
For the last nine years I've worked for my Alma mater.
I have a unique job where I get to teach and interact with my students year after year,
from elementary school through high school

This year Harbor Creek High School put on one of my favorite musicals-
I got to see all of my freckle faced elementary schoolers
with standy-uppy hair and missing teeth,
grow into teenagers confident enough to stand on stage under a spotlight.

I almost missed it due to my virus
if not for the help of my Fairy God MOTHER.

It's amazing what a hot shower,
some lip gloss 
and the wave of a mascara wand can do to a person.
Grandma wouldn't let me drive myself to the final performance on Saturday night.
She didn't want me walking too far to aggravate my cough,
so she turned her van into a coach and drove me both ways.
(but thank you).

The night was complete with a Handsome Prince,

Cinderella, kind and sweet,

and a Fairy Godmother who made it all happen

The kids did a great job with this Cinderella story.
Mrs. Eloise is proud of you!

We have a real, live Cinderella story at the Lamp Post!

Ellen was asked to be baby Emma's Fairy Godmother?

My family fell in love with my once-baby sitter's new baby.

Emma Grace will be much loved!

Natalie is living our her own Cinderella story.
She chose a powder blue gown like Cinderella's
to wear to the Seneca High School Prom on May 21st.

She even has her crown to wear from her Miss Shining Star Pageant.

you and Ryan will surely be shining stars on that night.

I still feel anything but the shining star,
but with a hot bath and an attempt at a night of solid sleep,
I'll be good to go in no time.

Time to dance with my Handsome Prince at the Lamp Post ball.

Gardens of the King's palace Cinderella and charming. She's the nicest princess.:

The ball at the Lamp Post is not so grand.
A ball means laundry,
and lunches,
and loads of school prep.

Cinderella and Prince Charming:

Love at first sight like Cinderella's is so special and wonderful to experience,
but it's fleeting.
Cinderella married shortly afterwards in a grand affair 
when everything was new and lovely.

Over time every Cinderella gets sick.
Every Handsome Prince can be a jerk.
And the palace you once thought was so big and grand
becomes a pain in the @$$ to clean.

Lesson for the weekend
(albeit a bit late):
Geared toward teens, because so many involved in the Cinderella cast are reading this blog tonight:

True love is lasting, not fleeting.
True love is the Handsome Prince giving you the bed two nights,
with all the best pillows and softest blankets,
so you can sleep comfortably,
while he takes the couch with the dog.

True love is when the Handsome Prince sends you a steady stream 
of photos of a fresh new baby
because you can't be there because of your fever.

Thank you, Prince Charming.

This is, perhaps, the greatest risk that any of us will take: To be seen as we truly are.:

Good night......for now.


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