Friday, April 15, 2016

Lesson 414: Swing into Spring

Happy Weekend, Everyone!
It's looking to be a beautiful one here in Erie.

There are some subtle hints of color emerging into our bleak landscape.

Buds are starting to pop!

Flowers are fighting their way to bloom.

My kids are blooming, too.
Sam has grown an inch
 and lost two teeth this week,
on back to back days.

It's time to put Spring into full Swing!

Baseball practice started for Sam.

You can tell who is the son of two teachers.
That is Sam raising his (left) hand.

Ellen and her fellow freshmen raise the rakes.
The Harbor Creek Freshman Rakettes,
a tradition going strong since 1974.

We enjoyed a Friday evening on the diamond.
Grandma continues to raise school event hell--
a tradition going strong since 1984.

Sam watched from his perch along the outfield fence.

Cousin Jack made his way to the cheering section
and enjoyed a healthy dose of sunshine.

And here we stand,
the O's in arms,
a tradition going strong since 1967.

Natalie is probably the biggest fan of all.
She is thrilled that the seasons have started.
She accompanied Ellen and her friends to Panera to 
rehash the game over a bread bowl soup.
Thanks, girls.
Inclusion works!

Lesson of the Week:  Dr. Seuss Symbolism

Readers responded so well to the blog post about Yertle the Turtle,
I decided to show you another book we studied in my class.

It's a story published in 1984 about two groups of peopleish people--
The Yooks
The Zooks.

The only difference in the groups was a cultural one--
The Yooks preferred to eat their bread with the butter side up.

The Zooks,
preferred to eat their bread with the butter side down.

Soon animosity developed between the two groups.
Unfamiliarity and misunderstanding
eventually led to intolerance and mistrust.

The book is about the arms race between the old Soviet Union and the United States.

The wall built between the two nations was policed by officers 
who carried a snickberry switch.
Soon, a slingshot was developed to be able to fight from a distance.

The Yooks developed a bigger sling shot--
a Triple Sling Jigger,
to be exact.

The Zooks retaliated by developing a 
Jigger Rock Snatchem!
The Yooks could intercept the rocks before they would even hit land!

Soon animals carried guns
(reminds one of the Grinch, doesn't it?)

In time flying contraptions,
of near identical power were developed
one, after the other.

Finally came the day of the biggest little weapon known to man.
It was time to drop the Big Boy Bombaroo!

The Yooks all retreated to their underground Yookery.

The book ends masterfully,
as only Dr. Seuss could do.

I told my students that in 1984,
I was always worried about nuclear war.
I asked my students what they most often worried about--
(Note to parents--the kids admitted to worrying at night,
in bed,
just before they fell asleep)
I heard this admission
after class
after class
throughout the entire week.

The students admitted their biggest worry 
was what if something "bad happened" while they were in school.
Where would they hide?
Would their parents come for them?
I heard this admission
after class
after class
throughout the entire week.

A very sad sign of our times, I guess.

Consideration and cooperation are always better than war.
I believe this so much that I'm modeling it for all of you this summer.
I've asked my sister Kenyan to be my Challenge Erie 7 partner this year!

We've had a bit of a history going in the fitness and wellness world
over the last five years.

Kenyan is kind of competitive
and a little bit nuts.

Someone has to keep her in line.

She cozies up to my teammates just to gain information

you know,
for thefts

and kidnappings,
and such.

My team retaliated,
but Eloise played Chief Negotiator,
and they released my one and only sibling.

So now I have a partner for Challenge Erie 7 this summer.
This will be my fourth summer participating in the wellness program.

It's lots of fun,
you'll meet lots of awesome people,
and get well in the process.

Here are the specifics of Challenge Erie,
a wellness program developed by local chiropractor,
Dr. Steven Krauza.
Contact Eloise for further information,
or call his office for details.

I'm looking for a babysitter for Kenyan and I,
to make sure we make it through the Peek -n- Peak Adventure Course
without killing one another.

Challenge Erie 7 is all about providing you with the EXPERIENCE of wellness.  You will be exposed to new ideas, activities, and a new found sense of confidence.

Delivering the EXPERIENCE of wellness is an honor and privilege.  So, what will you receive during the course of this ten week program?  Good question.  Read on:

The quality and efficiency of your nervous system is the foundation to any healthy lifestyle, so your nervous system will be evaluated at the beginning of the program.  The results of this assessment will be factored into your Wellness Quotient.  Your WQ is a snapshot of where you fall on the wellness continuum.  We will need a baseline of where you are starting!

Ten weeks of wellness will get you:

§                                 Two Wellness Assessments with our patented Wellness Quotient technology
§                                 Custom wellness reports
§                                 24 Team Adrenaline workouts
§                                 Kickoff Scavenger Hunt
§                                 Cooking Class
§                                 Escape Room Erie
§                                 Water Fitness Class
§                                 Ski Slope Hill Run
§                                 Slow Roll Bike Ride at night at Presque Isle
§                                 Self Defense Class
§                                 Peek 'n Peak Adventure Course
§                                 Obstacle Course Simulation
§                                 Paddle Boarding
§                                 Nutritional Guidelines
§                                 Expanded Comfort Zone
§                                 An increased sense of confidence
Challenge Erie has the ability to help you transform your life!  Set yourself in a direction of pride, confidence, and balance.  

Sign up today!

Sat 8 AM · 2 friends are going
Boost Event
Sat 1:30 PM · by Challenge Erie
Boost Event

Sat 2 PM · by Challenge Erie
Boost Event
Sat 9 AM · 
Clymer, NY
Boost Event

Sat 9 AM · 
Mercyhurst Northeast Pool
Boost Event
Sat 9 PM · by Challenge Erie
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Sat 8 AM · 
Boost Event
Sat 9 AM · 
Clymer, NY
Boost Event

Sat 8 AM · 
Boost Event
Sat 8 AM · by Challenge Erie
Boost Event

Sat 8 AM · by Challenge Erie

Have an amazing weekend, Readers.
Experience Spring in full bloom.


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