Friday, December 23, 2016

Lesson 455: On Its Way!

Merry Christmas, Readers!
The holiday is upon us,
and Christmas Day is On Its Way!

We are going to have a white-ish Christmas at the Lamp Post this year.

The pretty,
Christmas snow 
fell on the Erie area earlier this week.

Maybe a tad, too early.
The freezing rains came in on top of it,

turning the pure white
to a dirty brownish.

and my driveway into an ice rink.
If you are looking for a real physical challenge-
Eloise double dog dares you to run up this puppy.

The weatherman predicted temps in the low 40's for the next few days.
It got me wondering what the past few have been like.
Thank goodness I took a few photos here and there.

Snow in 2010

(one of my favorites of Sam 
seeing the gifts early Christmas morning in 2010)

White again in 2013

Very green in 2014

2015 brought a pretty moon

and weather warm enough to skateboard,

and a tad too hot for the onesies.

We are looking forward to another special holiday season.
We kicked off the celebration with some pizza at Hootch & Blottos.

The company and some friendly competition
always make for a good time.

The decor is even better.
It kept me quite busy,
enough so that Sam had to bowl most of my turns.

Beer, football, and bowling.
Now that's talking our language.

For an added bonus, 
look closely.

Do you see him?

No, not the guy in the bad moustache--

I love looking for stuff
and then finding it!
It's such a rush.

We are still looking for the elf
who sent these beautiful
lamp post,
salt and pepper shakers--

and also the one
who is leaving us gifts for the 12 days of Christmas.

Tonight's gift was extra special!

My guys will be missing out on a special 
gift on Christmas morning.
I was shanghaied!

Come to find out PSU Fan Gear ships from Shanghai, China.
They can enjoy their gift in a few weeks.
It's On Its Way.
(I hope).

Merry Christmas, Readers.
Check beck next Friday night 
for the Lamp Post 2016 Year in Review.


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