Friday, December 30, 2016

Lesson 456: Recapping Christmas

Happy weekend, Readers--

and almost Happy New Year!

This is the first of three consecutive blog posts--
one tonight Recapping Christmas,
tomorrow's annual Lamp Post 2016 Year in Review,
New Year's Day--New Year, New You.

A big tip of the cap goes to my hubby!
He bowled back to back 300 games in his bowling league late last night!
He actually had 28 strikes in a row over 2 and 1/2 games.
Congratulations, Louie!

We found out who donned the Santa caps,
and left us treats for the 12 Days of Christmas.

It was great fun for us,
and the stories the trio shared of their elfin adventures 
were equally as entertaining.

Thank you again for all of the treats!

One mystery still remains,
so leave on your two-brimmed detective caps, Readers.

These elves did not send me the lamp post salt and pepper shakers,

and claimed no part of the package which arrived from B Carlyle
in Los Angles--mailed from an Erie, PA post office.

Some fellow sleuthers have convinced me
that B Carlyle could mean Boone Carlyle from LOST--
a very clear lead.
From the numbers in the note, 
the sender is definitely a LOST fan.

4 out of 5
and 5 out of 6

I hope the sender
sends one more clue.

Speaking of LOST and my love for numbers:

First:  If you go to Erie's Red Lobster Restaurant, 
ask for a young gentleman named Andre to be your server.
He claims to be just an employee,
but he is a dead ringer for Daniel Faraday--a beloved LOST character
because he is Eloise Hawking's son.

If you love LOST, 
you love numbers.
This was my most unique gift of the season--
and Alex and Ani numerology spoon ring.
It was a gift from my sister Kenyan.

My "number"
was determined by a series of questions.
They can either answered by you if you are purchasing one for yourself,
or by someone else purchasing one for you.

The quiz generates a number--
your given numerology number.
My sister did the quiz and my number came up to be 33!
The traits associated with the number 33 are
stamped around the circle--

I took the quiz for Ellen,
thinking she'd like a spoon ring twisting around her thumb one day.
She was born on September 22nd, at 11:11 pm.
Her numbers came up to be 
11 and 2.
Some people can be assigned two numbers, I guess.

Click on the CALCULATE NOW orange tab
next to the Personal Blueprint cover design.

We removed our caps 
and bowed our heads on Christmas Eve.

We attended the Grace Church
Christmas Eve service at Erie's beautiful gem,
the Warner Theater.

It was a perfect message for any believer
 and we will definitely
return next year.

We spent Christmas week with friends

and family.

Santa was good.
He brought us the season's most talked about toy--
the Hatchimal.

Little Blue took considerably longer 
than the suggested 20-40 minute hatch time.

The nurturing which was nearing the 3 hour mark
was a family event.

The hatchimal emerged,
with his eggshell cap,
before an adoring crowd.

Hubby was able to chip away at the six solid inches of driveway ice

to get a clear path to my parents' house next door.

We escaped from the Escape Room with 8 minutes 
before the noxious gasses could have killed us all in the lab.

Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, people standing

Good thing,
or we would have missed my Dad's
72nd birthday.
I couldn't get him to put on a birthday hat,
but he did let me light a birthday candle and stick it in his Mighty Fine donut.

Check back over the next two days
for a recap of 2016.
Looking forward to cyber-seeing all of you in 2017!

This Christmas / Love 1 Corinthians 12:31:

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