Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lesson 122: In Perfect Harmony

And here is part two of your two-part blog.   Two lovers in perfect harmony.  A real life fairy tale.  Country boy meets country girl.  They fall in love and make beautiful music together.  This is what harmony sounds like and looks like.  And who would have thunk it---they both showed up in Erie four days after this performance.  Bonus!!

As I write this Blake and Miranda are right here in my living room on my 42 inch TV screen.  They are on the Grammy Awards and the camera seems to love them tonight.  Another handsome country couple for me to be envious of.  In fact, I thought about cheating on Tim the other night at the concert.  Blake winked at me you know.  It was kind of hard to see, three rows from the top to the far, far, far left of the stage....but I still saw it.  It was tempting, but I just couldn't do it.  I'm sticking with Tim McGraw.  Besides, what would I do with my voodoo doll of Faith Hill?

Enjoy this version of America the Beautiful.  Come see us, Slovenians.  America really is beautiful.

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