Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lesson 126: Underneath the Same Moon

Happy weekend, Readers.  I was inspired by this week's blog post by a beautiful moon on Friday morning.  I love the moon in all of its forms.  The full moon on a clear night is my favorite, but I also like the crescent moon.  There was a beautiful crescent moon at twilight hanging low in a sky south west from the Lamp Post.

To clarify, it was morning twilight, the time between dawn and sunrise.  Twilight happens at two times of the day.  Lots of my students thought twilight was only at night.  Night twilight is defined as the time between dusk and nightfall.  According to wikipedia, artists and photographers call this time of day the blue hour because of the distinctive quality of light.  Eloise is an early riser so I catch twilight most every day, and I do agree it is beautiful, but oh so fleeting.  You only have a few minutes to experience the beauty of it.

I caught the crescent moon in the morning twilight on Friday and watched my breath fog in puffs as I snapped away with my camera.  It was cold out--33 degrees, and I was standing at the end of my driveway in my running shorts and oddly didn't feel the cold.  I was happy for the experience and knew I'd have a photograph to remember the sky.  "Now I got to find me a good moon song..." I thought to myself.  And surely I did.

There are lots of songs written about the moon.  Right away I thought of my old college favorite, Moondance by Van Morrison.  Then I thought perhaps something more current would be better for my younger followers and all I could think of was Lady Gaga's Marry the Night.  Both seemed OK, but neither seemed right.

I rushed to get ready for work--and in-service day for teachers, and let my kids sleep in under the watchful eyes of their grandparents for the day.  I later came home to find a stash of candy wrappers behind the couch pillow, Wal-Mart bags, and dead kid technology in need of charging.  That's what days with Grandma and Grandpa are like.  Oh, if my kids only knew the truth how strict they were with my sister and I when we were growing up.  They'd never believe me if I told them the truth.

 Regardless, I jumped into my van and was preparing to hear the Adele song that I've been stuck on, but it didn't play.  Sometimes my van CD player skips to songs in the middle of the CD until the car warms up.  The CD skipped to song 13 and it was this Blake Shelton song, Underneath the Same Moon.  It was an older song I was unfamiliar with.  I put it on my new CD because I wanted to find more of Blake's older stuff since I just went to his concert here in Erie last week.  The song was perfect for all the moon pictures I've taken in the last few months.  My new camera with the big lens is really good.  You can really see the detail of the frost I captured the other morning as well.   They are all my pictures except for the eclipse.

I also threw in some landscapes from Erie in February.  It is so cold and desolate here right now, even without the record snows we usually get, that the seagulls look miserable.  It is a good compilation of life on the shores of my northern, manufacturing town in the winter.  The locals will recognize some of the scenery.

Enjoy your song and photos.  I'll leave you with a really pretty quote I found on pinterest.  They aren't my words and I don't know who wrote them, but I sure wish it was me.  They are beautiful, just like those moon shots.
Meet me where the sky touches the sea.  Wait for me where the world begins.  

I Love You to the Moon and Back,

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