Monday, February 13, 2012

Lesson 124: I LOVE THIS!!!

If you have not seen these two little girls yet, have a seat.  They are undoubtedly the most precious things I've seen lately.  My friend Keri showed me this clip, as well as several other related ones.  If you find them as captivating and hilarious as I did, you can find more by going to youtube and typing in Sophia Grace and Rosie into the search box.  I highly recommend the Shopping Spree and The Red Carpet Interviews.

It is good to show love and romance on Valentine's Day, but there is always room for laughter.  Laughter makes the heart sing, so they say.  Sophia Graces enthusiasm is infectious.  I would be little Rosie--the cute one who really can't sing, but bee bops around next to her cousin for moral support.  My favorite part is when Rosie does the drum thing.  Even my Sam has watched this clip about five times.  "Can I watch those little, pink girls again, Mommy?"  I think he's got his eye on the five year old.

Enjoy the clip as well as this little ditty I found in my potato bag this week.  A heart shaped potato for Valentine's Day.  How about that?  I think I should enter it in that contest where cornflakes look like states and toast turns out looking like the crying Virgin Mary.  I'm bound and determined to be famous for something someday.  Maybe it will be for finding a heart shaped potato.

Enjoy your day of LOVE.  I've got a long day ahead.  I teach in an elementary school and this day spells

Love and Laughs,

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