Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lesson 123: God Gave Me Her

The handsome man above is country singer Blake Shelton.  To the right is my sister and I at his concert in Erie on February 9th.  You are always curious about the identity of Eloise, so don't ever say that I never post my picture.  I'm the one minus the hat on the right.  I'm too tall for hats.  This is part one of a two part blog lesson for today.  Read the post below this one for a bonus Blake Shelton performance.

Valentine's Day is coming and it's time to post a couple of blogs about some things I love.  If you are a regular reader you have learned that I love children, my own and the ones I teach.  I love music and going to concerts.  I love to read.  I love the great outdoors. Therefore I've learned that you can love lots of things and lots of people because loving something or someone is never bad.

I think about love more often than I used to.  I am now making some room in my life for an occasional romance novel or girly movie.  My sister was telling me that I was no fun.  Life is too short not to have any fun,  so I took her advice. Karen is the one who got me hooked on country music. It's been a slow growing love, but if you ask me, that's a love of the best kind.  One that takes awhile.  It's like putting a sauce on simmer.  If you cook things low and slow they are tender and full of taste.  I prefer that kind of love way more than the pushy fast kind.  That kind of love can be a hot, fun ride, but it usually doesn't last because it burns you in the end.

In Blake's God Gave Me You video above,  you will see love between a mother and a child (the best kind, if you ask me), and love for a total stranger.   No matter how love finds you, or what kind of love it is, enjoy the feeling.  It is special.

My sister loves me in her sisterly way. She has to because we only have each other. One of the girls we went to the concert with said that she was envious of us because her sisters lived far away and Karen and I lived only a couple of miles apart.  Everyone would be surprised how little we actually see one another.  We are busy moms and have little time for fun for ourselves, so when we get the chance to do something together, we always make it lots of fun.  In fact, my sister loves me so much she bought me this t-shirt.

I won't be wearing this one to school though.  I think the slogan is a bit suggestive, which would be in violation of our dress code.

But the best part about my sister is not that she introduced me to country music and always lugs me along to country concerts.  It's not that she always comes through in the jewelry department when me and my daughters are in need of some bling.  It's that she is one heck of an excellent source of blog fodder.  She's fun to pick on and takes things in stride.

"yes, I do have the best sister in the world... It's just that she's crazy and she scares me a little bit."    I want to BE that sister. Let's see how she does with this one.  It's a pinterest pin I picked out just for Karen.  Don't think I'm a big #*%&$.  I'm just getting her back for taking my picture and putting it on facebook wrecking the mystery behind Eloise.  It's not just that---it's the fact that the picture posted is ALWAYS better of her.  Now we're back to even.

Don't forget to read the other blog post below this one for a bonus Blake Shelton song.  It's the Super Bowl pre-game performance of America the Beautiful.

L-O-V-E from the Lamp Post,

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