Monday, February 13, 2012

Lesson 125: Faded Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, Readers.  Here is a lovely musical piece for you in honor of the day Cupid takes aim at the unsuspecting.  Sharing that honor on Post 125 is Adele as well.  She's a fave in our house.  In case you've been living in a box this last year, let me shed a little light on exactly who Adele is:
This is Adele, holding her six, count 'em, six Grammy Awards.  The little gramophone replicas look so nice nestled in the crook of her arms.

Adele is a twenty-three year old English beauty who has captivated us all with her raspy, soulful voice singing my favorites Rolling in the Deep, and Set Fire to the Rain.  Ellen, my pianist, is playing Someone Like You, her current favorite song on the video posted above.

Adele is interesting.  It is rumored that all songs on her album were written about the same person--an obvious broken relationship of some sort.  I found this pinterest pin about that and posted it on facebook the other night. 'Atta girl, Adele.  Don't sit there and snivel.  Get mad and go make some money.  Adele is well deserving of all her accolades and everyone here at the Lamp Post was glad to see her win on Sunday night.

So, Ellen has yet another strong woman role model to admire.  She begged me to buy her the song and has been chipping away at it for weeks.  Ever clever my girl is, she took two songs that she loves, and blended them together.  She's trying things like this more and more and it is making me proud.  I always tell her to find something she admires, whether it is art or music, and take the ideas and make them her own.  I feel like an American Idol judge.  She actually took my advice tonight, so I insisted on video taping her and putting it on this blog.

The song Faded Valentine is one she is working on with her piano teacher.  It is really pretty.  I searched all over the internet to see if the song had lyrics.  The following are the only lyrics I can find and I am not sure if the source is reliable--I never heard of it before.  They aren't Adele's words, but they sound very Adelish (I made a new word--very catchy I might add).  Here they are:

 Faded Valentine
All her life she dreamed romance. She waited for her prince. She kept souvenirs of love and affection. She kept waiting. Opportunities arose that didn't fit the dreams she had so she squandered them and kept waiting. And she continues to wait. And wait.

I hope Adele doesn't wait around.  That girl is going places.  So is My Girl, too.  And just think, you heard her here first, right on this very blog.

Please read the next blog post for some new girls I just LOVE.  Don't miss it.  Scroll down for Blog post 124.

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