Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lesson 151: Come Home Photos

Here is your picture guide of LOST characters:

Eloise makes her debut into the series as a rat.  I loved it when my sister was power watching the entire series a few summers back. She'd call me almost every with comments.  I loved reliving it all with her.  I believe she had to watch 5 seasons worth to find out about the character Eloise.  She made it to the episode and I wasn't home at the time of her call.  The red blinking light on my answering machine signaled my attention.  I pushed it to hear Kenyan's bewildered voice---"....You named yourself after a RAT????"

Later, when we meet Eloise, she looks like this:

And because Lost is twisted, even later in the series she looks like this:

Here is Daniel Faraday.  I nicknamed one of my students Faraday, but he doesn't know it.

This is the Lamp Post Dharma Station.  On the floor is a map of the world.  In the middle is the swinging pendulum.

The Lamp Post is hidden in the basement of a church.

This is the real Stephen Hawking.  More on him this summer.  He deserves his own post.

This is my dog who had surgery this week to remove a 4.4 pound tumor from her neck.  Thank you Dr. Amy Keith in North East.

She is wearing a t-shirt to cover her drainage tube and 25 staples to protect her from infection and her mother from vomiting.  I had forgotten how squeamish I am.  I saw droplets of blood and discharge on the kitchen floor and had to stand very still for a few seconds and think happy thoughts (summer vacation summer vacation summer vacation) to steady myself.  There is a reason I am a teacher and not am E.M.T.

She sleeps in the girls' old toddler bed in my bedroom.  Another peek inside the Lamp Post.

And for the biggest news of the weekend............Sam graduated from Preschool!!!!  Thank you so much Miss Barb!  He/We couldn't have done it without you.

Check out the tube socks on this one.

Summer rules:  Effective June 2, 2012

Enjoy your weekend HOME readers.  Make it sweet.  Even if you have to post a few rules.


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