Friday, June 15, 2012

Lesson 156: Just Dance

Back to back big nights at the Lamp Post.  Ellen's little league team won the championship last night, and tonight is the girls' dance recital.

A friend of mine owns the studio where both girls take lessons. Ellen is the leader for Natalie's class which includes my girls and two young ladies with Downs Syndrome.  If you haven't ever had the chance to see a person with Downs Syndrome dance, you are missing out.  They love the attention and can bust a move.  How nice it would be to live that free from self consciousness!  How great that Keri's Dance Studio arranges classes for children with special needs.

A few years ago, Ellen was getting older and becoming more self aware.  Mother Eloise cautioned, "You know Ellen, there will be people in the audience tonight that may not know you.  Your name is listed in the program with all the kids with special needs.  Someone may think you are retarded.  Will that bother you?"  Ellen scrunched up her face and without a pause said, "If people think I'M retarded, then THEY are retarded."  That's muh-girl.  I am so proud of her for making something possible for her sister, that without her assistance, probably would not happen.

I picked J-Lo's new song Dance Again for the title more or less, and for the catchy beat.  Lyrics are questionable so Moms may want to give it a listen before you show younger children this one.  A cousin of mine from Ohio nicknamed me E-Lo.  I love it.  Someone gave me a nickname for once.  I am sure I have many less than flattering ones that I haven't heard---so just keep thinking them in your head, thank you.  I love J-Lo just because she's two years older than me and still a beauty.  She makes big hair and a butt to match stylish and enviable.  A photo of her taped to my bathroom mirror reminds me of that every morning. This is achievable, even in your 40's.

The photos are made up of random shots of little fluffy dresses and tap shoes from last night's dress rehearsal.  There are also old pictures of my daughters from past shows.  A picture is worth a thousand words they say.  I need 998 more to add to "time flies."

Enjoy your weekend, Readers.  Come for a visit, Slovenians.  The weather here at the Lamp Post is always best in June.


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