Friday, July 20, 2012

Lesson 164: Top Ten Tim McGraw #10

Yeehaw, Readers!  Dig out that cowboy hat you've been using for a Halloween costume and go get yourself a pair of cowboy(girl) boots.  Saddle up!  It's time to go for a little ride with Eloise.  We're going to take a trip to Cleveland, Ohio in ten days to see my Handsome Cowboy in concert.  Tim McGraw is part of the Brothers of the Sun Tour with his pal Pea Head Kenny Chesney.  Me and over one million other fans have purchased tickets for this show, making it the top concert in gross ticket sales for the summer of  2012.

Every day for the next ten days, I'll be posting my top ten favorite Tim McGraw songs in reverse order.  To make it even more of a brain challenge, see if you can make some predictions of your own.  What is Eloise's favorite Tim McGraw song of all time?  Make your own list and compare it to mine to see how many you got correct.  That is a good exercise for your brain midway through the summer.  Consider it your Summer Homework Assignment.

My friend Keri had the momentary lapse in judgment the brilliant idea to attend the concert with me and offer to drive me there.  In all of about three seconds later I had two tickets "added to cart" and plans have been in the works ever since.  I warned her that there would probably be beer there and a combo of that, Tim McGraw, and Eloise with no car keys could make for an interesting day.  Keri claimed she was up for the challenge but we shall see.  She's a tough girl.  She got me on an airplane and maneuvered me around New York City after all, so keep the faith readers.  I'll be in good hands.

Some of you Slovenians may not be as familiar with country music.  Eloise is selective about which country artists she listens to, however.  I don't like anything too twangy.  Kenyan, my speedy fast runner sister got me into this genre several years ago.  She's a country girl through and through.  Kenyan even likes Bluegrass.  She played it for me once on the way to a Carrie Underwood concert and I threatened to crash my van into a cement highway divider if she didn't turn the noise off.  For me, country music has to come with the whole package.  Carrie Underwood.  Tim McGraw.  Dixie Chicks.  You have to like who is singing to you.

The Olympics are coming up and Eloise the sports enthusiast is very excited.  I've heard that when Americans are thought of in foreign countries, we are thought of as cowboys with hats, boots, and southern drawls.   Slovenians, that is just one mini culture that exists in our great land.  Americans walk in many shoes; cowboy boots, sneakers, ballet slippers, cleats, steel toed boots, and kitten heels. I should know.  I just got back from New York City.

 I really don't mind being represented globally by the Tim McGraw type.  He's a good guy, married to my nemesis country music star Faith Hill.  That's your Tim Fact of the Day.  Check back for the next nine days to find out more information about my favorite singer.  It may come in handy if you go on a game show someday.

For today, the song that gets the #10 spot is Live Like You Were Dying.  It is one of McGraw's best known songs.  I included the official music video on this post so those of you unfamiliar with this artist can see what he really looks like.  On other days I'll post my own photo slide show set to one of his songs.  I have lots and lots of summer photos to share with you and this will be a good way to do it.

Giddy up,

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Bonnie said...

I love that song and its message. I love songs that evoke emotion and make you matter whether I like the artist or the genre. I'm happy you get to go hang out with Mr.McGraw. I'm glad someone is going with you to bring you home, although I guess she'll trek back alone if he should ask you to run away with him!
I think of you everytime I see Tim's cologne for sale. Have you purchased some for LuLa??!!