Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lesson 168: Top Ten Tim McGraw #6

Eloise's Concert Countdown Song #6
Where the Green Grass Grows
(song appears at bottom of this post)

That Readers, is the hand of the resident artist in the house.  Ellen made me the cover shot for song #6.  She found a pair of American flag cowgirl boots on Pinterest this summer and has been searching for them ever since.  When you are 11, can't drive, and have pretty much no money to purchase them, you resort to painting pictures of them.  Keep dreamin', Honey.  Do well in school and work hard.  You'll be able to get some one day if you follow that recipe.  

My number six song is awarded to Where the Green grass Grows.  It is from his album Everywhere, released in the summer of 1998.  After Eloise spent a few days in a city filled with 8 million people, I was glad to return home to what I know and love.  

The slide show below is a collection of mostly earth shots from this summer.  Three of the children are my own, and one is our resident tag along when I want to pretend I have four kids.  I have found that my children behave better when we have a guest with us.  I'm not sure why that took me so long to figure this out.

I visited one of my favorite high school summer spots last night--Creekers should remember the high cliff overlooking Shades Beach.  I took the kids there last night to play on the playground and watch the sunset.  Those of you who have moved away can view the following shots to see the boat launch which was not there when we were kids.  The rugged cliff is the same, with even more erosion along the bank.  It's really a pretty place to visit, especially in the summer around dusk.  

I am reading the third book of the Twilight series and have to guiltily admit that I did glance around those woods atop the cliff for a stray vampire.  The first shot below, of the view walking up the path to the cliff, you'll see a random guy sitting off to the left.  My first thought was Jacob must be cliff diving tonight.  I told you I get attached to book characters.  This one is a 629 page investment that has taken most of the last month.  Eloise is pokey.

Enjoy the photos of last night's Lake Erie sunset over Shades Beach, as well as the Tim McGraw photo story that appears below that.  

Hope you find some time to lay in the green grass today.

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