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Lesson 169: Tip Top Tim Song #5

We're down to the songs left on one hand:
Number 5 of Eloise's All Time Favorite Tim McGraw Songs--
Please Remember Me
(Tim McGraw's official music video appears at the bottom of this post-
don't miss a chance to see Handsome in the flesh, albeit 13 years ago)

Today I am giving you the chance to view an actual Tim McGraw video.  It was from 1999, as the song was on the album A Place in the Sun.  It is great to see Handsome in his black hat, but it also shows you that some men just keep better looking as they age.  It's harder for a female to do that.

The song originally belonged to someone else, country singer/songwriter Rodney Crowell.  I am not familiar with Mr. Crowell's songs--he appears to be kind of honkey tonk for my taste.  I did find in my research that he must have significantly impacted country music through his writing as he earned the AMA Lifetime Achievement Award for Songwriting in 2006.  This gets him a nod from Eloise too, who appreciates good writing in any avenue.  I also found that he was married to Johnny Cash's daughter for quite awhile.  Neat.

When Crowell released the song in 1995, it rose only 69 places on the country charts.  The song was picked up by Tim McGraw and released again.  That very same song then reached the top spot on the Hot Country Songs chart and held it for five solid weeks.  It kind of goes to show you that some things just need a second chance in life.  Something that has great potential just does not flourish in the wrong environment.  Given another chance under the right conditions, it can soar.

I like the video a lot because the lyrics comment about nature.  Tim coos to us about things I like:

the warm morning sun


  snow  (sorry to ruin your day Heather)

The video shows Tim down by a shoreline, apparently thinking about someone.  I like to seek the water too, when I need to think things through.  Eloise has found herself next to a creek, a pond, or the lake shore many times in a dilemma.  One of my favorite spots to go is Shades Beach in my hometown.  It was mentioned in yesterday's post.  You can get just about every bit of nature therapy you need there.  It's got some woods, a creek, and a beach.

In fact, when I was high atop the cliff that overlooks the lake watching the sunset the other night, I thought about how I loved to come to that spot to think.  Then, I spotted someone on the beach.  See the pinkish shirt in the center of this photo?  I am standing on the edge of the overlook which felt like a million feet up.  I'm a terrible estimator, but you locals should have some idea of how far away I was.

Look what a zoom.....

on a camera........

that any person can purchase......

can do.

Ladies, I've cautioned you before, and I'll say it again:  Be careful.  Always be aware of your surroundings.  Technology is just too good and available to everyone.  What we used to watch on old spy movies from the 80's is up for purchase at Wal-Mart:  zoom lenses, recording devices, mini cams and the like.  That is your main lesson from the Lamp Post, today.

That woman with her twisted up ponytail could have been me.  How many times have I sat on a beach and done the very same thing?  That led me to think about why I do that--seek solitude near water.  Perhaps it is because I am a water sign, a Pisces, the sign of the fish.  

As a Christian, I've never spent much time thinking about astrology.  I ignore the horoscopes in the paper, not really believing in any of it. Assuredly, God made the moon and the stars, so every aspect of the universe fascinates me.  Eloise likes teaching about outer space in school.  I love trying to locate the constellations in the summer night sky.  However, using the stars for guidance, as some people do, goes against the teaching I've received and what I know to be true.

My interest was peaked though, so I turned to see what Pinterest had to say about Pisceans.  Those pins sometimes have a way of giving you a good overview of something when looked at as a collection.  I typed in "zodiac" and "Pisces" into the search box.  Here were a few things I found:

Some basic information.  I found it uncanny about the color, day of the week, and number.  Funny how Eloise celebrates every Friday with a drink from a green glass bottle with the number 33 on it.

Ooohhhh!  I LOVE this and the mythology behind the symbols.   

Perhaps this is the reason for the bracelet I wear on my left wrist.

Now I need someone to buy me this ring, not that I have many fingers left available.  Mom--I think this kind of looks like an H, don't you?  

OK---this next one is nice:

WHAT?????  Eloise, the writer who only writes under a pen name.  

I'm loving this one! 

Yes.  My intuition always helps me locate my keys after I've misplaced them.

Good to know your secrets are safe with me.

Hey now, wait a minute!  Maybe this is what I thought before--a bunch of garbage.

Well, now, maybe not.  Perhaps reason 11 is why Kenyan and I get along so well, despite being somewhat opposite. 

The above pin got me thinking about two things, number one being that I didn't know Sagittarius had two t's. Learn something new every day, doncha?  Eloise also got to wondering if the pins for my sister's sign, Sagittarius, would also be true to form, so I looked them up.  Here is what I found:

This seems like Kenyan.

Her symbol would be the arrow.  Do you remember when Katniss was thinking of taking up bow hunting?

OK, this is definitely true.................

...when people consider she is running on this foot!

This is good to know after her foot heals.

Steve can verify this one.

For Mom.  We know all too well, dont' we?

Hey, maybe there is some truth to this stuff!

...or not.  Kenyan is not the most outdoorsy type.

I got up early, and read the newspaper over a cup of coffee this morning as usual.  Even after all of my findings, I still didn't look to see what my horoscope read.  I got something else I read every day, first thing.  Jeremiah 29:11.  Here's what Pinterest had to say about that.  I even found one along a shoreline.  How cool.

Enjoy your song and walk along your path today whether it be along the shoreline, down a road, or on a crowded sidewalk in New York City.  


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