Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lesson 165: Top Ten Tim McGraw Songs #9

Eloise's Top Ten Tim McGraw Songs, #9--My Next 30 Years  (see bottom of this post for the song)

Who better to announce the Number Nine song on Eloise's Concert Countdown Chart than everyone's favorite Cowboy-Cowgirl duo--Toy Story's own Jessie and Woody?  The dolls belong to my son Sam.  You can tell they belong to him because just like in the story, Sam signed his name on the bottom of the boots.  If my Rootin' Tootin' Rough and Tumble Youngin' knew I referred to the aforementioned as dolls he'd have me arrested...........or arrest ME, rather.

In June, Sam attended Harborcreek's Safety Town and became a member of it's first graduating class.  Safety Town is a week where your friendly local police officers teach entering Kindergartners about staying safe at home, in school, and in our community.  This teacher gives the program a giant A Plus, with a smiley face and a sticker.  Upon graduating from the week long, two hour sessions, the child receives a safety certificate and a police badge.  

Let's hope Sam always remains standing next to two police officers WITHOUT cuffs.

They sang songs about Stranger Danger.

They learned to obey the rules of the road.

Since that time Sam has been taking his new role very seriously.  Although he's taken it upon himself to arrest  everyone in the house for any tiny little offense.  He caught me grumbling because I did THIS again:
Yep, another diagonal slice to the left pointer finger.  I've given up on band aids.  I just dump peroxide on it, wrap it in a paper towel (a single Select-A-Size works well) and wrap it up in duct tape.  I was thankful to find some white this time.  I don't know if this continuous injury is testimony to my airheadedness or to my healthy eating as I always hack my finger chopping vegetables for a salad.

Unbeknownst to me, Sam was in earshot when I grumbled a few words that I usually type like this:  #&^% @^%$% $*&!!!.  


I felt like saying, "Fine!  Lock me up!  The slammer actually sounds peaceful.  I wouldn't have to make dinner and someone else could feed you and clean it up!  Sounds like a mini-vacation."  But ever conscious of modeling good behavior, I was forced to sit in a chair, tied to it with a jump rope, then released when I paid my fines.

Speaking of fines, my behavior system I wrote about in Lesson #151: Come Home, has been working out swimmingly.  Here's a visual before the explanation:

Natalie is the hardest worker in the house.  She's been earning her quarters every day for helping around the Lamp Post.  Ellen is more motivated by embarrassment when visitors comment on her half filled jar.  She'll spark some interest in earning some extra money, but something more fun usually comes along to take her attention away from the task at hand.  I will say the system has done wonders for her little eye rolling problem.  Sam however, is a different story.

Sam's jar could be filled with water and used for a musical instrument because it is so empty.  The kid isn't lazy; I'll give him that.  He earns money nearly every day, but by the end of the day, the kid is usually in the red.  He'll earn 50 cents for folding towels and cleaning a potty, but lose it and then some on a public outing for his rude behavior.  I've renamed his jar the Restitution Jar.  Hopefully now that we're over halfway through the summer, he'll begin to get the idea of the benefits of following the rules and hard work. 

If not this summer, perhaps Sam will figure it out in the next 30 years.  That will make him 35 and maybe he, like Andy in the Toy Story movie will be ready to pass Jessie and Woody along to an interested younger child.  Maybe even his own son.  (OFFSPRING?????????????.........)

Sorry, Readers.  Passed out there for a minute.  Now that I came to, I still am feeling a little shaky.  I think I'll give a listen to my #9 Favorite Tim McGraw song, My Next 30 Years.  Just click on the photo show below.  It is an old one.  I made it for my 41st birthday last March, and thought it was worthy enough to make a second appearance on the Lamp Post.

Speaking of birthdays, I almost forgot to give you the Tim McGraw fact of the day.  He was born May 1, 1967, making him a perfect four years, and two days shy of two months older than me.  Tim shares his birthday with Tracy Southern's husband Jay.  But the best part is Tim shares his first name with my son.  No, not my imaginary, perfectly well behaved son named Timothy---with Sam.  Tim McGraw's birth name is Samuel Timothy McGraw.  And that's a fact, Jack!

I wish you well on your next 30 years.
Love, Eloise

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