Friday, March 15, 2013

Lesson 220: Snowy Ides

Snowy greetings from the Lamp Post!

Erie got a blast of mid month snow.

Even the donkey looks pissed about it.

I guess we could blame the Ides of March.  It's March 15th.  That was not too good of a day for Caesar.  He should have not been so pompous and smart mouthed to the soothsayer who warned him that harm was on it's way.  Caesar got blindsided by group of conspirators and slashed at a senate meeting.  It was the beginning of the end.  Rome was never the same since.

I'm too uninspired to muster up my own words for your history lesson, so I'll borrow some from another blogger.  Thank you Robert Catalano from New Jersey for your words and for trying to educate your state.  I'm doing the same thing here in Pennsylvania.  
Community Connect NJ

Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March! What the heck does that even mean? Well here’s a little history lesson for you New Jersey. Back in the day, like way back – the soothsayer’s warning to Julius Caesar, was “Beware the Ides of March.” This phrase has caught a bad rep since then carrying a sense of foreboding – considering it was the day Julius Ceasar was assassinated. 
Eloise's note:  I think Robert meant "bad rap" and "Caesar."  I'm a teacher and I can't resist correcting spelling.  You don't want to embarrass your state's public school system, now do you, Robert?  Speling is importent.  (See?)
Once we all make it through 3-15 without being stabbed, we reach 3-16 which is a good day.  It always reminds me of the Bible verse John 3:16, For God so loved the world......
John 3:16
Speaking of love, that is the topic of today's post.  We are still discussing The Noticer by Andy Andrews and I promised some commentary on my favorite parts.  Today I'll comment on Richie's question to Jones:  How do you keep a marriage from ending in divorce?  With two weddings coming up in May, I thought Jones's advice was good enough to share.  
My response card even made one of the Bride-to-Be's facebook page:
Yesterday via iOS
Definitely my favorite response to the wedding so far...
Photo: Definitely my favorite response to the wedding so far...
On page 64, Jones opens the discussion with defining wisdom as the ability to see into the future of your consequences of the present.  I really liked that definition.  Jones says that with a degree of intelligence and a hint of wisdom.......a wise person can discern that oh-so-thin line between good and best.  
On page 65 Jones discusses commitment.  "Most folks think marriage is about commitment--and it is--but the committin' is a whole heck of a lot easier if you've made a wise choice to begin with."  Jones compliments Richie, the young man asking the question, for already seeking the wisdom to make the perfect choice for his bride.  
Andy Andrews weaves wisdom into his story and speaks of dating, attraction, and love from pages 65-70.  He summarizes by having Jones state this:  Somewhere along the line, there has to be something to share when the physical attraction is not on your mind twenty-four hours a day...." He makes the point that couples must have shared interests in order to stay strong.  I think our engaged couples ticking down the days to their own nuptials are in good standing.  Joined at the hip they are listening to music, playing catch, and singing.  
Lady Eloise of the Lamp Post simply cannot wait to attend!
There are still themes of The Noticer that I would like to cover--friendships and legacies are two more I'll comment on later.  For now, I'll share a funny one from this week to leave you with a smile on this foreboding night.  
Recently Sam and Ellen's school held a Celebrate Reading Night for students and their families.
We love books here at the Lamp Post and Sam is following suit now that he is learning to read.
His summer buddy Mac from Pittsburgh, also in Kindergarten, looks like he's caught on to the game, too.
The highlight of Sam's week (well, beyond Gym Class) is bringing his library book home.  Sam is like his Momma and reads a variety of genres--fiction, non fiction, and now annoying rhyming books.  He loves them because he picks up the rhythm of the words and can read them well.  He brought Berenstain Bears home a few weeks ago.  

Occasionally, Sam hits a word that he doesn't know.  He got stuck on the word "farther."  Eloise wasn't watching too closely for this one.  I was busying myself around the kitchen while Sam was struggling over a new word.  I gave him the advice written in blue on the photo below.

Because Sam is Sam, he naturally made the word break after "fart".  He used his little picture clues that I reminded him to do, and the word is now known as "fart-her."  Check out the little Berenstain Bear in pink right above the word.  Sorry Deb, Queen of the Clark School Library.  Word is spreading fast through Mrs. P's kindergarten that there is a "good book" in the library with farting bear in it.  Should you get this strange request, you will now know it's origin.  


That story just made me weary.  Or maybe it's the weather.  Or maybe it's that dreadful Ides of March.  No matter what it is, Eloise is calling it a night.  

I'm headed for the tub,  

to use up the last of my favorite bath bubbles.

Maybe once they are all gone, this snow will stop.

I'll leave you with a little grace to welcome you into 3-16, when most of you will be reading this blog.  The picture slide show is set to the guitar playing of Josh Wilson.  He opened for Third Day, the concert Kenyan and my daughters went to a few weeks ago.  There isn't a version of Amazing Grace that I don't love, but this's phenomenal.

Enjoy your weekend.  Hold on, North Coasters.  Spring is coming.  It always does.


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Thanks for the heads up..... Perhaps Sam would be interested in "Walter the Farting Dog" book as well. Got to love it!! LOL Thanks for the new title as well...heehee