Friday, March 22, 2013

Lesson 221: He's a Liar!

For my North Coast Readers:  


The Erieites are getting a bit grouchy this week.  
We are growing tired of our snow brushes and ice scrapers.

And we want HIS head on a platter.

Punxatawney Phil is one wanted furball around my parts.  Not only did he tick his home-state homeys off, he got the ruffians to the west of us steamed.  Phil pissed off Ohio.  Ohioans aren't as nice as Pennsylvanians. Ever been to a Steelers vs Browns game?  How about Penn State vs Ohio State match ups?  Watch one and you'll see what I mean.  The Pennsylvanians are always sitting nicely, cheering and clapping.  The fans from Ohio look like this:

Here is a report on Phil from an Ohio "news" source:

FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2013

Ohio Blames Punxsutawney Phil for Faulty Forecast, Demands Death Penalty

Posted by  on Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 6:02 PM

Punxsutawney Phil, rodent weather oracle extraordinaire, done effed up this year—seriously, just look outside—and now Butler County, Ohio, is pissed on behalf of all Ohioans that Phil’s prediction of an early spring wasn’t exactly on point. The county’s prosecuting attorney, Michael Gmoser, filed an indictment, “The State of Ohio vs. Punxsutawney Phil,” that charges the little dude with “misrepresentation of early spring” and calls for the death penalty

Sheesh!  Told you Ohioans were a rough bunch.

I think Phil does the best he can with the weather.   I'd say he's only human but I guess that would be pretty dumb.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Even groundhogs.  If Phil could utter the words, "I'm sorry," would we forgive him?

How about this:  WWJD?  No.  Not Jesus. What would Jones do?  You know, Jones.  From the Noticer. The book I've been blogging about forever.

Jones discusses forgiveness on page 116 if you have the soft cover copy.  It is the section about Henry, who has asked his wife and employees for forgiveness and hasn't received it yet.  Jones explains to Henry why forgiveness is much harder to receive than he thought.  It is not a casual term to be tossed around, misused, or made light of.  True forgiveness is intense.

Henry, responds to Jones in frustration, "I told them I had made a lot of mistakes.  I told them I was sorry--"

Jones explains the problem lies in the definition of  the word mistake.  Henry did not make a mistake, where a simple apology would have been enough.  Henry made a choice.  Henry's mess ups were more than a whoops.  He consistently and consciously made choices--and that clean up requires much more effort to fix.  

Here is your thinking assignment this week, Readers:  In Your Rule Book, is there a difference between  "I'm sorry," and "Will you please forgive me?"  When is "I'm sorry acceptable?  What instances would require more than that?

Look at Phil with Jones's perspective, Ohioans.  Is an "I'm sorry" enough, or does he need to plead for forgiveness?

Eloise is over it.  I'm defending Phil. 

He's a rodent and rodents make mistakes.
It said so on Wikipedia, so it must be true.

 Plus, the snow makes for pretty photographs. 
Eloise will take advantage of the interesting light and shadow for a few more days.

This is the tree in front of the Lamp Post.

And this is the same tree exactly five minutes later.

Twilight is amazing in the winter.  
I've learned to enjoy the opportunity, despite the cold.

Boy was it ever cold this week.

It was 20 degrees outside on Tuesday as I headed out for my outdoor workout.  Natalie's thermometer told me I needed to wear boots, mittens, and a scarf.  

Some of my teammates did:

And one of them didn't:

Still I consider myself 

to be able to get out there and do it week after week with a bunch of people I adore.
Eloise makes her own happiness in any kind of weather.

Sam spent last weekend trying to make his own luck.  He was leprechaun hunting all day on Sunday.

Sam was convinced he saw footprints leading to the woodpile.

"Hellbent on finding one" was an understatement.

He even tried to lure them out.  No luck.

Perhaps Sam will have more luck on the lanes on Saturday.  It is his birthday party.  He's been anticipating it for over a month.  And so have I.

About a month ago I told Sam we should start thinking about his birthday.  "I'm way ahead of you, Mom," he said.  (So true....).  He proceeded to tell me that he invited his entire Kindergarten class to his birthday.  After I came to....... and decided un-inviting five year olds was rude, we settled on the bowling alley as the best place to host the festivities.  Sam has already made his lane assignments.  

I am now wondering how many times I'll have to say "I'm sorry" or "Will you please forgive me?" to the owner of North East Lanes.  I'll let you know next week.  

Wish me

Enjoy the photos of what spring looks like in Erie this year, and those brave enough to embrace it with me.



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I've been to a Steelers - Browns game... Trust me. IT'S NOT FUN!!!!