Friday, March 1, 2013

Lesson 217: I Was Here

We reached a milestone this week, Readers!

My birthday is this weekend.  I will turn

on March 3rd.  

Shocked?  You should be.  I've been telling everyone I'm 45 for the past year so I look younger.  I decided this is the year to come clean, so the truth is, I am really 42.

This excites me because I like numbers, but not because I understand them.  I notice them.

I love the number 42 for many reasons.

When watching an episode of my favorite TV show ever on Earth,  LOST--it takes 42 minutes.

It was also Desmond Hume's number, and I like Desmond Hume.

It is the theme of a very interesting book we'll be Book Clubbing about on The Lamp Post this year.

In it we learn that the answer  is the number 42.
The problem is, no one knows the question.

Lewis Carroll, an interesting children's fiction writer from the 1800's was obsessed with numbers and wrote under a pen name like I do.  He was all consumed with the number 42.  Interested?  Check out some links to Alice in Wonderland and the number 42 and read for yourself.  

 42 degrees is also the angle at which sunlight hits a water droplet for a rainbow to be seen with the human eye. That's me in the blue dress.

But mostly, I've been waiting for #42 because I was anticipating this statistic:

Pageviews all time history 

The Lamp Post hit 42,000 visits this week!

I am humbled to know that my words have touched so many people.  I love the communications I have received, verbally and through messages about my posts. People are so interesting and hearing their perspectives on various topics is such a great learning experience for me.  A blog follower even sent me some snapshots of lamp posts from her recent Disney vacation. How cool is that?

I can track my blog traffic various ways.  Curious to know which post has been the most popular since the Lamp Post's inception, I checked my stats for all time history.  My June 2011 slide show showing the rapid growth of some baby robins who took up residence in my front door wreath has been the most popular.  My fellow Tim McGraw fans must like it because I set the photo show to Handsome's song Fly Away.

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Jun 27, 2011

Another very popular post has been this one regarding Sam's "accident."


Here are some recent numbers from 
my statistics page.  Looks like people
are still interested in The Noticer.  

Feb 2, 2013, 2 comments
Feb 19, 2012

The autism posts always do well.  The recent post about Natalie's Beauty Pageant at Harbor Creek High School for girls with special needs is continually being visited (Lesson 212).  Test Your Resolve about Team Adrenaline is mirroring the workouts I attend---it too is gaining momentum and flying through cyber space.

The strange one is Moon Me from over a year ago.  Someone frequently visits that page.  It must be a Blake Shelton fan because the post is written about a failed attempt to post his song Underneath the Same Moon.

Speaking of that song, my friend and I had a conversation via facebook the other night from different parts of the world concerning that very topic---the moon.  She, in Ecuador, and me in the US, conversed back and forth as if we were side by side on the couch.

Eloise Hawking

OMG. I'm here and you are in Ecuador! What time is it there?

My Friend

The food is amazing!
It's the same time. I'm just WAY south of you!

Here are some pictures from a few minutes ago. It is hard to believe we are Underneath the Same Moon. That is a Blake Shelton song, by the way. This conversation is going on my blog this weekend. Way too cool! I love technology!

It was hard not to notice the moon that night.  Spectacular.

It was also hard not to notice my workout partners on Thursday.  They came in striped socks,

themed t-shirts,

and dressed as cats wearing hats!

Dr. Krauza and Team Adrenaline held a Dr. Seuss workout in honor of my (and Dr. Seuss's) birthday.

Doc handed out portions of Oh the Places You'll Go,

to read aloud while doing plank holds!

When a section was completed, we got up and ran.

And did that seven times!  Believe it or not, it was FUN!  I've done some reworking of my definition of fun, and learned that outdoor exercise in any kind of weather can be fun as well as rewarding.  

When I find something I love, I can't help but want to share it with the world.  Readers, here is my dose of FUN for you this weekend.  Read on:

As much as I have become known for partial face shots such as these:

I also am known for leaving my marks,

on dead trees,  or live ones.

On signs close by,

and in places far away.

It's my way of saying I Was Here!

So to blend all things I love--outdoor workouts, treasure hunts, and finding lost things, I give my Erieites this challenge.  Find where Eloise was.  I left my marks by way of Altoid mint tins.

I hid them in public places around my town. None are on private property.No digging or climbing is involved. Maybe a little uncovering though.  Inside you'll find my mark---

Genuine Erie, PA beach rocks!  A true local treasure.

This tin can be found in the Harbor Creek Community Park.   Here are your clues:

Look familiar?  Good.  Go get yourself one and run up and down that hill carrying those logs while you're at it.  If that hill wasn't big enough, here's another one:

I named this one The Beast because that is what the hill climb to get there truly is.  It is in another Harbor Creek park.  Go get one!  And while your up there, after your heart rate recovers, stop and look at the beautiful view.  Bring your camera so you don't forget the view or your accomplishment of the climb to get there.

Sick of the east side?  Head west, then.  Look for The Sherpa.  He'll guide you along the goat paths.

Silly?  Maybe. 
Fun?  Most definitely.
Let Eloise know if you find any.  Send me some photos, too.  You know how I love photos.

Did you notice that I prattled on so much about so many things I didn't have space to mention The Noticer much?  Good.  That means you read it because you are taking Jones's advice and are beginning to pay attention to things.  

I will comment more on one of my favorite books again next week.  For those of you who read it, I will reveal this.

I am a canary.  


Still haven't read it?  You've got another week.  Go for it.  

Why the bird sings
Here's a pretty one to tie up this post with a neat little bow.  In honor of the moon and that I have discovered I am a canary:

Lone Bird Sings To The Moon

Enjoy the pictures of some things I love in honor of my 42nd birthday.  It is set to the song I Was Here by Lady Antebellum.  The song is from the movie Act of Valor.  


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