Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lesson 224: Spread the Light

Recognize that, My Local Yokels?  

The bright sunshine brought out the buds for this Easter Sunday, 

and the sky matched perfectly with my new Smurf Sneakers.

It's 51 degrees and there are still patches of snow at the Lamp Post, but what do Erieites do?

We sunbathe.

Actually  in this photo Ellen sneakily snapped, I was napping.  I just got back from taking my family to an overnight downstate a bit.  Family Fun package deal--hotel with a pool, pizza, movies, five people crammed in a tiny hotel room meant to sleep four.  You know.  Bliss.

This is what it looked like outside on the day I left, so the sunshine was welcomed if not worshipped upon our return.

Aside from the light of the sunshine on Saturday, I am still basking in the glow from a difference source of light---a stranger name Fionnula Flanagan from Orange Beach, Alabama.  I found this in the Lamp Post mailbox on Good Friday:

I did not recognize the name, nor the address.  Inside I found this leather bound journal.

Enclosed was this beautiful poem about me and my blog.  A gift from a blog reader whom I've never met.  Fionnula's last couplet is perfect: 

This notebook spoke to me as your words often do,
A random act of kindness, as my thoughts were of you.

Fionnula--Here is my response to you, for all of the blogosphere to see:

There is no better time than today, Easter Sunday, to recognize such a kind act.  It is a day when Christians worldwide spread the good news:  He has risen!  He has risen, indeed!  Eloise will add to that gladness by reminding all of you what I truly believe:  People Are Awesome.

I love people.  I love their stories.  I love accents and dialects and different cultures.   I read biographies like Jones from The Noticer recommends.  There is lots to be learned from famous people who have changed the world in great ways--the Ben Franklins, the Jimmy Carters, the Steve Jobs.  But my favorite will always be the everyday heroes.  They are the people who go out of their way, and make a little extra effort to make another person's life a little better.  Like you Fionnula.  We've never met, but I bet you have a great story to tell.  Share it with me and I'll write it for you if you'd like (and I pinky swear not to publish it without your permission).  I am sure my readers will be intrigued as to what motivates you to such kind things for strangers.

Fionnula, did you know that I am a notebook carrier?  I have one with me at all times.  Lots of writers carry one around to jot notes down in as they think of them.   I've had notebooks for years.  It's funny--but I was getting close to finishing the one I have now.  This is it.  You even chose my favorite type--soft leather cover with the ribbon bookmark!

What do you write in them, Eloise?, you are all wondering.  Just ask my sister Kenyan.  She's been reading my diaries for years.  They were more exciting back in my college days.  Now, they look more like this:

Not too exciting, huh Fionnula?  You can see what I needed to pick up from the store, the rooms I had to clean, and that I was feeling under the weather on Sunday.

I save all my journals.  They serve as a nice record of events.  You can see I make blog notes in them.

I also write down dates I need to remember, Bible verses, phone numbers, things I love, and people I love.  The photo attached to the inside cover of this journal is the obituary photo of my neighbor Myra who passed away suddenly a few years ago.  It's my way of hanging on to things I can't let go of.  

Often people get me notebooks for gifts.  They are Eloise's favorite of all gifts I receive.  When I do get the chance to choose my own journals, the covers are always symbolic of me in some way.  These are from my LOST phase.  I'm still in it actually.  LOST is something I don't think I'll ever be able to let go of.  Favorite.  Show.  Ever. And if this means anything to my regular readers---I love Jack Shepard more than Tim McGraw.

This one is absolutely perfect.  Fionnula--I'll be happy to pen your story.  

It would be silly of me to assume that you are celebrating Easter, too, Fionnula.  I see you are from Alabama, and last time I checked, we live in a country where we can freely worship as we choose.  However I do believe God loves us all, and He is very pleased with your random act of kindness. This can and should be recognized on Easter as well as every day forward.

Thank you, Fionnula for making my day extra special.

Here is an extra special picture slide show for you.  I'm in such a good mood because of my new lamppost notebook, I even included some shots of me in a bathing suit.  Nope.  They aren't the early 1990's Erie calendar shots which I bought the negatives for and keep in my super secret place.  The photos are taken with my super cool new, very inexpensive camera I named Tough Mudder.  I'm a mom now, so nothing too exciting.  This little Fuji camera is virtually indestructible.  I got it for Christmas and haven't wrecked it yet.  It's bounce proof, freeze proof, and water proof!  We found out this weekend it takes kick @$$ underwater shots, too!

Enjoy the photos of my weekend set to Morning Has Broken by the Christian band, Third Day.  Have a blessed day everyone, especially you Fionnula!


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